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    Uttarakhand Rajya Andolankari Manch
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AdvenThrill's Vijay Pratap Singh Honored by Uttarakhand Rajya Andolankari Manch, Making Strides in Adventure Tourism


In a remarkable recognition of dedication and passion for promoting outdoor adventure and tourism, Vijay Pratap Singh, the founder of AdvenThrill, has been honored by the "Uttarakhand Rajya Andolankari Manch," a group of citizens who fought for the formation of the separate state of Uttarakhand. This prestigious acknowledgment is a testament to Singh's selfless contributions, making AdvenThrill the epitome of adventure companies in India.

The Journey of AdvenThrill:

The Journey of AdvenThrill

At the young age of 23, Vijay Pratap Singh embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary, leaving behind a well-established corporate job in Pune. His vision and commitment have transformed AdvenThrill into a youth-centric brand, where Singh and his team of young professionals are making a positive impact on society.

Outdoor Adventure Services:

Outdoor Adventure Services

AdvenThrill stands out for its dedication to providing the best outdoor adventure services across the Indian Himalayan region and beyond. The company's commitment to quality has positioned it as the premier trekking organization in India, catering not only to seasoned trekkers but also to cyclists seeking thrilling experiences.

Foothills MTB Challenge:

Foothills MTB Challenge

One of AdvenThrill's standout events is the "Foothills MTB Challenge," an annual MTB race that has become the biggest of its kind in India. By organizing such events, Vijay Pratap Singh aims to raise awareness among the youth about the career prospects in mountain biking. Notably, 40% of participants in the Foothills MTB Challenge are under 18, indicating a positive trend in the progression of the sport.

Cycling Expeditions:

Cycling Expeditions

Vijay Pratap Singh's personal commitment to adventure is evident in his two significant cycling expeditions. The first, from Dehradun to Spiti, covered 800 km on some of the world's most dangerous roads, traversing high-altitude villages and passes. The second expedition, from Dehradun to Kanyakumari, spanned over 3000 km in just 16 days, showcasing Singh's endurance and love for adventure.

Social Responsibility and Youth Support:

Social Responsibility and Youth Support

AdvenThrill goes beyond adventure sports by actively supporting Indian Blind football players and advocating for various youth causes. Singh emphasizes the importance of collective efforts to harness India's youth talent and urges everyone to contribute to such initiatives.

Vijay Pratap Singh's journey with AdvenThrill is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in transforming dreams into reality. The recent honor from the Uttarakhand Rajya Andolankari Manch solidifies AdvenThrill's status as a pioneering adventure company in India. As they continue to expand their horizons and inspire the youth, AdvenThrill stands as a beacon for adventure enthusiasts and a catalyst for positive change in society.